• "Sexuality and Liberalism"
             Workshop Desire and Pleasure, Research Network in Contemporary Issues in Bioethics and Biopolitics, Venice (Italy), 
             September 2013 (invited speaker)

  • "Danger and Difference: The Stakes of Hebephilia"
             Conference Classifying Sex: Debating DSM-5, Center for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, 
             Cambridge (UK), July 2013 (invited speaker)
             Institute for Research on Women & Gender, University of Michigan, January 2015 (invited speaker)

  • "Validité et implantation: L'hébéphilie comme problème historico-philosophique"
             Journée d'études "Perversion," Institut d'Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques, Paris, June 2012
             (invited speaker)

  • "The History of Sexuality"
             Lecture given at NYU Paris Campus for Jerome Wakefield's course, "Sex and Death in Paris," Paris, June 2012     
             (invited speaker)

  • "L'ascenseur historiographique"
             Journée d'études "Histoire du livre, histoire des sciences, histoire intellectuelle," Université Paris 8, Paris, March 2012 
             (invited speaker)

  • "Power, Knowledge and Laughter: Forensic Psychiatry and the Misuse of the DSM"
             The Ken Altshuler MD Grand Rounds in Psychiatry, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, 
             October 2011 (invited speaker)

  • "How to be a Pervert: Guidelines from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder"
             Colloquium Power, Life, Subjectivation, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota (Colombia), April 2011 (invited speaker

  • "Creating an Epidemic of Perverts: The DSM-5's New Approach to Paraphilias" 
             Center for Bioethics and Clinical Leadership, Union Graduate College, Schenectady, NY, March 2011 

  • "Sexuality"
             Political Lexicon Conference, The New School, New York, December 2010 (invited speaker)

  • "A Tergo: Taking History From Behind"
              Colloque Michel Foucault, European Network in Contemporary French Philosophy, University of Pisa (Italy), April 2010
              (invited speaker)

  • "A History of Violence: Sadism and the Emergence of Sexuality"
Columbia University, November 2009
                Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota (Colombia), April 2011 (invited speaker)
                Union Graduate College, Schenectady, NY, May 2011

  • “‘Une certaine manière de traiter ce qu’on appelle le temps’: Historical and Existential Ruptures in the Early Foucault” 
International Colloquium, 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies, University of Minnesota, March 

  • “Sadism at the Limits: Crime, Violence, and the Historical Boundaries of Sexuality” 
American Historical Association, New York, January 2009

  • “The Popularization of Medicine in the Eighteenth Century: Writing, Reading, and Rewriting Samuel Auguste Tissot’s Avis au peuple sur sa santé” 
Columbia University, November 2008 

Book History Colloquium, Columbia University, April 2009

Institut Universitaire d’Histoire de la Médecine, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2009

      Queens College, NY, December 2009

  • “What Is Historical Epistemology?” 
International Conference on Historical Epistemology, Columbia University, October 2008

  • “Understanding Not Understanding: Remarks on Michel Foucault’s Historico-Critical Attitude” 
Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism lecture series, Columbia University, April 2008

  •  “Seeing and Looking: Medical Observation and the Epistemological Status of Details, 1750-1850” 
Columbia University, October 2007

  • “Writing History with a Saw: Reflections on the Concept of Rupture in the Historiography of Science” 
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany, July 2007 (invited speaker)

  • “Seeing through the Eyes of Others: Bodies and Words in Eighteenth-century Medicine” 
Twelfth International Enlightenment Congress, Montpellier, France, July 2007

  • “Morbid Details: Perception and the Emergence of Modern Medicine” 
Cornell University, November 2006 (invited speaker)

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany, December 2006 (invited speaker)

  • “Huber’s Eyes: Historicizing the Eighteenth-Century Observer” 
The International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) Meeting, Paris, France, June 2006

  • “Between Literature and Science: The Marquis de Sade as Psychiatric Case” 
Haverford College, March 2006 (invited speaker)

  • “The Case of ‘Sade’: Constructing the Sadistic Individual in the Nineteenth Century” 
The Klopsteg seminar series in Science in Human Culture, Northwestern University, February 2006

Union College, Schenectady, NY, January 2007

  • “Perception and Percussion: Rethinking the Emergence of Modern Medicine” 
The Klopsteg seminar series in Science in Human Culture, Northwestern University, January 2005
History of Science Society Meeting, Minneapolis, November 2005

  • “Seeing Bodies: Michel Foucault and the History of the Medical Gaze” 
Union College, Schenectady, NY, May 2005 (invited speaker)

  • “Using Women and Abusing Oneself: Experiencing Sex in the Eighteenth Century” 
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, April 2005

  • Invited respondent for Symposium, “Scientific Projections: Science and the Moving Image” 
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, March 2005

  • “Le sujet, l’objet, et la logique du réel dans Naissance de la clinique” 
Colloque International Foucault: Nouveaux Déploiements, Paris, France, June 2004 (invited speaker)

  • “‘The Will Present in Vision’: M.F.R. Buisson’s Concept of the Gaze and Its Significance for Medical Practice” 
American Association for the History of Medicine, Madison, April 2004

  • “Seeing the Invisible, Sensing the Elusive: Medical Practice and the Art of Observation, 1750-1850” 
Brandeis University, February 2004 (invited speaker)

  • “Usage des femmes et abus de soi: discours et expérience au dix-huitième siècle” 
Conference Maladies en lettres/Krankheit in Briefen, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2003

  • “Seeing the Invisible, Sensing the Elusive: Structures of Perception in Medical Practice, 1750-1850” 
The Social Life of Body and Mind, Human Sciences Workshop Graduate Meeting, University of Chicago, May 2003

  • “Le principe de dispersion des éléments dans Naissance de la clinique” 
Journée d’études Michel Foucault, Université Paris XII, Paris, France, March 2003 (invited speaker)

  • “Tissot’s Avis au peuple sur sa santé: A Medical Book for Nobles, the People, and Horses” 
History of Science Society Meeting, Milwaukee, November 2002

  • “‘L’usage des femmes’: Experience of the Flesh and Experience of Sex in the Eighteenth Century” 
Modern France Workshop, University of Chicago, May 2002

  • “‘Here Is the Story of My Disease’: Eighteenth-Century Sufferers and their Relationship to the Physician Samuel Auguste Tissot” 
Lecture Series “Art, History and Medicine,” International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, IL, May 2002 (invited

  • “‘Friction of the Genitals’ and Secularization of Morality: A New Perspective on the History of Masturbation” 
History and Philosophy of Science Workshop, University of Chicago, February 2002

  • “A Historical Study of the Power of Rationality: The Case of Tissot’s L’Onanisme 
History of the Human Sciences Workshop, University of Chicago, March 2000

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